A Moment of Hesitation

Solo Exhibition

The moment right before you utter the breath that carries your personal, mental, physical and emotional state all at once.  This is the point where you break. The weight of withholding no longer allows you to function as you once did. It is slowly crippling you. And just before the moment of ambivalent judgement places it’s unwanted message into your weary mind, you no longer care, because you are hurting. You have passed this moment of hesitation. You have pushed aside your reservations to relay these realizations to yourself. You must now accept what it is you feel, and only then will you understand what it means.

This is a body of work that speaks to the mental and emotional strain of mourning and realization.

I owe a tremendous amount of thanks to John Hitchcock, Helen Lee, Matthew Bakkom, Faisal Abdu’allah and Luke Johnson. Without their guidance I would still be struggling to sift through the succession of constant thought.

...and a very special thank you to Brad Corso for his direction, enlightenment and indispensable knowledge of neon glass.